We put people first.

About Us

The Xavier University Center for Innovation was designed by and for students, staff, and faculty. We also work closely with start-ups, nonprofits, and corporations to bring the latest innovations, technologies, and best practices to our students, community, and world.

Xavier University has a long a tradition of putting people first, namely by creating and discovering new and better ways to solve difficult problems, find desirable, feasible, and viable solutions, while improving the lives of others. The Center for Innovation is an integral part of Xavier University’s commitment to educate the whole person, which stems from centuries of Jesuit tradition to inspire students to think and communicate effectively, foster a lifelong love of learning, serve others, and find God in all things.

The Xavier Center for Innovation is all about the spark. We inspire and ignite the unique spark that exists in each and every person, community, organization, and company. This spark has the power to transform, change, grow, perform, inspire, discover, motivate, design, create and innovate, We can help find your meaningfully unique spark, and lead you to the next steps required to achieve your goals.

Our Team

  • Dr. Tom Merrill
    Dr. Tom Merrill Director
  • Shelbie Kelsey
    Shelbie Kelsey Administrative Assistant
  • Benjamin Weibel
    Benjamin Weibel Marketing Intern