Global Tech & Lakeview EP

Become a Game Changer in your industry by developing the instincts to create great solutions and the reflexes to make them a reality. ExperienceChangeâ„¢ will walk your team through an eight-hour simulation, Global Tech or Lakeview, which models the effects of change within an organization. Your teams will learn strategies and develop tools, which they can use in the future in order to be ready, willing and able to positively affect change.

Global Tech

Maximize Growth & Minimize Risk

Global Tech will simulate the effects of change as a result to growth that occurs in an organization. This low-risk simulation experience will teach your team how to use innovative techniques and strategies to move quickly and adapt to a changing environment.


Successfully Implement Change

Lakeview will simulate the effects of change as a result to the introduction of a new process. Your team will develop the necessary mindsets and reflexes to align key stakeholders around the new process in order to engage the entire organization in the process of adoption.