Be the Spark

The Xavier Center for Innovation is all about the spark. We inspire and ignite the unique spark that exists in each and every person, community, organization, and company.  This spark has the power to transform, change, grow, perform, inspire, discover, motivate, design, create and innovate, We can help find your meaningfully unique spark, and lead you to the next steps required to achieve your goals.



Dr. Tom Merrill, Professor has spent over 20 years in higher education.  Currently he serves as the Director for the Xavier University Center for Innovation and the Interim Director for the School of Arts and Innovation. He works with the CFI staff and interns to develop innovative practices around campus, in the community, and with our start-up partners. As Director of the School of Arts and Innovation, Tom helps the arts disciplines of Art; Digital Innovation, Film and Television (DIFT), Human-Centered Making; Innovation Minor; Music; and Theatre to find new ways to work together and collaborate on projects. Tom, by training, is a choral conductor. He is often amazed at the implication of the intersection of innovation and the arts, especially when viewed through the lens of design thinking. Tom is a master facilitator for ExperiencePoint’s Experience Innovation simulation, as well as an Innovation Engineering Black Belt, and a graduate of Stanford University’s d.School Boot Camp.


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Ryan Caliguri

Engineering Physics Major, Production Assistant Intern, Class of 2019


I am currently working on media content for the center, as well as assisting with any CAD needs that may arise. While working here, I hope to grow and innovate in the fields of engineering and design.

Interns 2016

Veronica Graeber

Graphic Design Major, Writing and Italian Studies Minor, Graphic Design Intern, Class of 2017


I am assisting with graphic design, co-creating on projects and in the development of innovative strategies. I'm looking forward to collaborating and creating with incredible people to design something beautiful and unexpected.

Michaela Fettig

Art Major, Graphic Design concentration, Graphic Design intern, Class of 2017


I will be working with the Creative Director on research, graphic design, and marketing projects. I am excited to learn more about marketing, branding, and innovation and develop skills I can use in the future.

Grace Carver-Dews

Computer Science Major, 3D Printing Intern, Class of 2018


This year I will be working in the Xavier 3D print shop, where I’ll be maintaining the MakerBot machines and the printing requests. In the process, I will be learning about creating 3D models as well as the printing industry as a whole.

Haley Dickerson

Marketing and Human Centered Making, 3D Print Intern, Class of 2019


This year I will be working at the Center for Innovation with the 3D printers, processing requests and managing prints. I hope to learn more about the printing process, 3D design, and innovation.

Seth Junion

Actuary Sciences Major, Innovation Analyst, Class of 2019


I will be working closely with the innovation director and the rest of the staff, assisting in whatever they or their clients might need. I’m here is to explore the ideas inspired by the center in order to spark the community as well as to expand my professional skills that I can apply in my field in the workplace.

John Morytko

Entrepreneurial Studies Major, 3D Print Intern, Class of 2019


I am helping manage print requests that we receive from fellow students at Xavier and designing prints. Service is a big part of my life and I hope to help give back to the community through the Center for Innovation.

Eseoghene Obrimah

Marketing Major, Digital Innovation Film and Television and Innovation Engineering Minors, Innovation Curator Intern, Class of 2018


I am helping to write content, curate the many social media accounts for the center,  maintain customer relationships, and plan events. I’m learning a lot about marketing, branding, as well as research.

Lauren Trester

Montessori Education major and Human Center Making Major, 3D Print Intern, Class of 2019


I will be working in the 3D print shop this year. I will be processing requests and maintaining machines. I hope to learn more about 3D design and different ways this technology can be used throughout different fields.