• The Xavier University Center for Innovation serves as an excellent cornerstone for students, companies and organizations who want to create the most value for their customers. Excelling in partnership, facilitation, and design thinking, this Center has become the go-to team to ignite entrepreneurship and evolve your problem solving paradigm into a exciting journey rooted in empathy and innovation.

    Sara Jackson Co-Founder of Cerkl
  • Tom Merrill is one of our most prolific associate Facilitators having delivered innovation and change leadership workshops to over 1,200 participants (...and counting!) using both ExperienceInnovation™ and ExperienceChange™. Tom couples our simulation with storytelling, academic research and client experiences which creates a practical approach to teaching innovation. Tom's facilitation expertise and natural curiosity helps all participants feel supported as they explore the sometimes challenging "art" of innovation. We feel very fortunate to have Tom within our associate network and trust him to deliver with excellence in classrooms and corporate settings, across the globe.

    Carolyn Duckworth Sr. Business Partner @ ExperiencePoint
  • Tom does an amazing job of using real-world, relatable stories to make the complex seem obvious.

    Tarek Kamil CEO of Cerkl
  • Smart. Passionate. Relatable. Insightful. A true renaissance man with an impressive ability to leverage his diverse background and experiences to solve a vast array of complex problems. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of learning from and working with Dr. Tom Merrill, witnessing first-hand his gift to engage and educate at all levels – translating scholarly babble into purposeful action. Tom’s ability to pair innovative, out-of-the-box thinking with real-world limitations yield creative yet achievable solutions to unique business challenges. Tom is much more than an innovation and design thinking expert. His breadth of knowledge and enthusiasm for finding customer-focused solutions.

    Bradley S. Brezinski President, Chief Strategy Architect of S2A
  • It is common for a strategic planning session to be a 6-hour conversation that turns into a 60-page document that gathers dust on the shelf. When we approached Tom Merrill, he had a new idea for us. We created a unique approach that flipped the process on its head and created an actionable plan for the Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra that we have been able to review regularly and simply through our Board as well as through our committees. It helped us to be on-track with an overall organizational goal of audience growth resulting in a 22% growth in our audiences year-on-year.

    LeAnne Anklan General Manager, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra